Alessio Romero & Josh West

Fetish Force - Alessio Romero & Josh West - Gay Fetish BDSM
Hard and horny, Josh West pulls out his engorged cock and begins to stroke it for Alessio Romero before he drops to his knees to take West’s large member into his waiting mouth. West soon needs to relieve himself and pulls his cock from Romero’s mouth and pisses in it. Romero laps up as much as he can but it’s too much to consume. After the stream has ended, Romero goes back to sucking to get every last drop from West’s thick man meat. Now its Romero’s turn he stands up and pisses all over West’s cock then drops back to his knees and sucks up his own piss.

JC, Bo and Steve

Fetish Force - JC, Bo and Steve - Gay Fetish BDSM
This kinky trio start the journey to find their inner tramp. It is a sea of rock-hard, ripped, free-weight-trained salacious flesh as they gloriously explore each other. Smelling, touching, licking, sucking – they blend into each other to form a huge undulating pile of prime beef. Dicks go in mouths and asses and pumps as we watch these men return to their more primitive roots.Soon all you hear is a series of grunts and growls mixed with slurping and huffing as these men communicate with sweat and come.

Jake Deckard & Ty Hudson

Fetish Force - Jake Deckard & Ty Hudson - Gay Fetish BDSM
Jake takes this video to the next level by fucking Ty while a catheter is inside his cock! Every stroke Jake delivers sends a double pounding on Ty’s tortured prostate. He squeals like a pig as he gets royally fucked from both sides, cock and catheter pounding against each other deep inside his groin. If you are a fan of extreme CBT and cock play, this scene is custom designed to make you cum over and over again.

Chris Ward, Simon Cox, Logan Grey

Fetish Force - Chris Ward, Simon Cox, Logan Grey, Matt McGrath, Justin Southall - Gay Fetish BDSM
Leather daddy Chris Ward delivering a thorough lashing to beautiful blackman-in-bondage Simon Cox (in his first film!). Shocking in the extreme, this scene is the fitting finale to Ward’s career as a porn star.

Antonio Biaggi

Fetish Force - Antonio Biaggi - Gay Fetish BDSM
Wearing his finest leather outfit, Antonio Biaggi is strapped in tight for this solo, minus his monster of course, which is allowed to roam free.

Steve Parker

Fetish Force - Steve Parker - Gay Fetish BDSM
Steve Parker demonstrates the fine art of sound play in this solo. His cock is as hard as the steel rod he slides down his piss hole. Slowly, steadily you see the pole work its way down the shaft. You can almost feel the cold metal as it pumps in and out fucking his dick from the inside.

Sky Devil

Fetish Force - Sky Devil - Gay Fetish BDSM
Superstar Sky Devil has a nine inch cock and he takes about 12 inches of steel pipe up his piss tube. As he moves to thicker and thicker rods, he starts pumping away, rolling his eyes with the intensity of the moment! Finally he pulls the rod out and shows us his gaping piss hole and then shoots the biggest load of white hot jizz that we have ever seen.

Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz & Scott Tanner

Fetish Force - Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz & Scott Tanner - Gay Fetish BDSM
Logan and Rick force Scott Tanner into some rough sex in this video. Logan holds Tanner tight as Rick tears off his clothes. Logan and Rick then beat and abuse Tanner using their fists and their strength and their dicks. As the forced encounter ends, all three men cum and the screaming begins to subside.